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June 22, 2016
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June 22, 2016

Booster Boy

Booster Boy, and his sister Booster Girl, are fictional characters that appear in our comic book and associated resources. The Booster Boy campaign promotes the correct use of car seats for children through a series of fun stories, cut-out characters and promotional items that are proven to work as engagement tools for events and schools.


Public awareness of the legal requirement that a child under 12 years old and 135cm should be in an appropriate restraint is patchy at best. As their children grow, they have little perception of how tall 135cm is, whether their child has reached it or indeed the value of using restraints beyond 135cm.

Booster Boy, as a cut out, stands at exactly 135cm tall; this allows children to quickly gauge whether they have reached the legal minimum. The engaging designs make the characters instantly appealing to children and readily open up conversations with parents about current legislation and best practice.

The comic, with activity pages as well as illustrated stories, reinforces the key message on in-car safety as well as starting to unpack some other themes around visibility and safety around schools.

When delivered as part of an education package in schools, 50% more participants in the programme who were under 135cm at the time reported using a car seat 3 months later.

High quality

Innovative design produces a double publication that appeals to boys and girls

Increase in Car Seat Use

Low Cost


Comic books start from only

Tested and proven

Evidenced success when used in events for connecting with children and families