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June 23, 2016
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Scooter Heroes

Scooter Heroes is a fun way of engaging with kids in approaching the topic of using their scooters safely. Built around a comic activity book, parent’s guide and training manual, the Scooter Heroes suite of resources can be scaled to meet your needs.


Scooter riding is now keenly promoted in many places as being part of the active travel mix, moving mode share away from cars on the school run. Supported by scooter parking facilities in numerous locations, scooter adoption as part of overall family mobility is now well entrenched.

Scooter Heroes provides a suite of resources that help road safety and transport policy teams as they encourage and support scooter use with their schools and in their communities. The scheme is established around an activity book that introduces a number of characters, each of which portray one aspect of riding safely; speed choice, observation, managing crowded spaces, helmet wearing. These themes are packaged in a way that children find engaging, looking to self-identify with different characters and their riding attributes.

In addition to the workbook, there are a wide range of resources that can be used as part of the community engagement process.

Comprehensive support packages available

Low cost event resources (stickers, balloons etc.) to boost engagement and an evaluation solution is available too

High quality publications for children, parents & schools

Tested and proven success when used in events for connecting with children and families

Comic books start from

  • Badges and Stickers also available

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