In recent months we have been strongly encouraged to look afresh at the breadth and depth of training that we offer to our clients. Over the years we have provided training on a range of road safety related skills to support professionals in developing their expertise, but we are now opening up these courses, running them on a more regular basis as open courses.

RSA are well known for our work on the analytical side of road safety, but many are unaware of the sheer breadth of work that we undertake in shaping educational and marketing initiatives, evaluating interventions, producing social video, websites and delivering social media strategies. With extensive experience in road safety PR work as well RSA are uniquely placed to offer a portfolio of training that can assist professionals throughout the development of their campaigns.

Our staff have many years’ experience in a variety of training environments and every course involves a degree of tailoring content to the needs of attendees. Consequently the feedback we receive is incredibly positive such as this recent comment from a delegate on one of our media foundation courses:

“Fantastic course, highly recommended attending if you have any media relations.”
Hardeep Dhand, Slough

As with everything you would expect from RSA, our training comes with our not-for-profit ethos, so we are only offering high quality, low-cost training that has been developed for the benefit of the road safety profession. We trust you will consider joining us for one of our courses soon.



MAST Training has now been completely redeveloped to reflect the broader ranger of analyses that can be undertaken in MAST, but also to meet the needs of users coming to MAST with very different levels of experience.

The MAST Introduction course is designed for those with limited experience of working with road casualty data and starts with the building blocks of STATS19, developing a delegate’s understanding of the strengths and weaknesses in the data before moving on to start analysis with in MAST

MAST Basics and Beyond takes delegates who already work with STATS19 data and starts to immerse them into the world of MAST Online taking them to the point that they can start to deliver some quite comprehensive reports bast on the data within.

MAST Professional tackles more detailed analytical techniques such as examination of risk to residents and demography of road users. Crucially this course sets to work on detailed Contributory Factor analysis.



The new Evaluation Foundation Course is designed to assist Road Safety professionals in understanding the principles of evaluation and to equip them with the fundamental skills and confidence to undertake their own evaluations.

Demonstrating the effectiveness of road safety interventions is essential to securing future budgets and guaranteeing the continuation of projects. Managers, the public and other road safety professionals all seek to see evidence that funds are being invested in campaigns that work and there are calls for evaluation results from all quarters. Whilst it is appropriate in some circumstances to employ external agencies to carry out evaluation on your behalf, there are many times when it can be carried out in-house for low cost. Classroom sessions and a range of activities will equip delegates with the knowledge and confidence to start designing and implementing evaluations on their local road safety campaigns.



RSA has delivered a range of other course over the years that have not previously been offered on an open course basis but which are being opened up in 2014.

Media Foundation: This course is designed to equip Road Safety professionals with the confidence and skills to handle a range of news media scenarios; offering vital experience in front of camera and in interview situations.

Social Marketing Foundation: Built around examples from public health, this course looks at ways in which social marketing campaigns can be delivered in a targeted way, from a basis of research and evidence, leading to evaluated outcomes.

Social Media Foundation: Develop the awareness and skills to reach out through social media; using the right channels, content and messaging to target your audience.




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