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December 16, 2015
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January 7, 2016
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National Analysts Conference

RSA are delighted to announce that they are partnering with Road Safety GB to introduce the first annual analysts conference will take place this spring. In May and June this year more than 100 analysts from the length and breadth of the country responded to RSGB’s survey to explore the views, experiences and aspirations of more than 100 analysts. The findings which were published on this website and on The Knowledge Centre showed that while many respondents are confident in their analytical skills, there is a clear desire for further training and for sharing best practice.

Among the report’s recommendations was a national conference specifically focussed on supporting those in the road safety profession who carry out some analytical as part of their work. Road Safety GB are responding to that finding by launching a brand new conference. The event will take place at the Royal College of Surgeons, Lincoln’s Inn Field in central London on 1st March 2016, book the date in your diary

National Analysts Conference

“The management team has studied the recommendations in the report and we are delighted to be able to take some concrete steps to support colleagues around the country with an event that will engage and equip professionals for their work.”

Honor Byford, Chair of Road Safety GB