2016 GB Casualty Data Released
September 28, 2017
Lincolnshire Road Safety Performance Dashboard Launched
November 3, 2017
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MAST Online has now been updated with full STATS19 data for 2016.

This update is based on the data set underlying the final validated national casualty figures as released by the Department for Transport on 28 September. Updates to MAST Professional and MAST Scotland will follow shortly, probably before the end of October.

New Feature

To elucidate the consequences of these reporting method changes, a new dimension called Reported by Police Force with CRASH has been added to MAST, available on all three tabs. When added to user reports, this can distinguish between data recorded using CRASH from that recorded by otherwise. This should assist users when assessing the impact of CRASH on reporting in their areas and beyond. A new MAST Template report has been added on the Casualties tab demonstrating the application of this Dimension. It is called MAST Template - Serious Injury Casualties in England, by police force and introduction of CRASH. As ever, RSA would be pleased to hear from any users who have comments or queries about this, or any other aspect of MAST.