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Analysing Northamptonshire’s Switched-Off Speed Cameras

Analysing Northamptonshire's Switched-Off Speed Cameras

Following the end of the specific road safety grant from Government in 2011 there have been a number of high-profile changes in how cameras are operated with several areas choosing to switch their cameras off in order to save money. We decided to look at the impact of this change in one area and compare collisions on roads near speed cameras before and after the switch-off.

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The statistical analysis of the results show that there has been no significant change in collision rates at the fixed camera sites post-switch-off compared to the collision trends seen elsewhere in the county. This is significant as many people would have expected a rise in collisions if people started to ignore the presence of the cameras and increased speeds. The report does not look at speed survey data as this is not publicly available so it is impossible to say whether speed have changed at the sites, although anecdotal evidence suggests that people do indeed slow down for the cameras.

The findings suggest that fixed cameras have a deterrence effect, regardless of whether they are operated and this could be important information for other areas. High loading rates at cameras sites that have been in place for a long time may not have a greater impact on casualty reduction and more widespread enforcement could have a greater impact on vehicle speeds.

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