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June 17, 2016
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April 29, 2016

MAST Online

MAST Online is an innovative and award-winning web based data analysis tool for road safety professionals to gain insight crashes and the people involved in them. The original project was supported by the Department for Transport and now has hundreds of users from local authorities, police forces, fire and rescue services, plus both the third and private sectors. It not only provides stakeholders with national crash data for user-customised in-depth analysis, but also offers unique insights into people involved in crashes with the help of Mosaic Public Sector, the market leading socio-demographic database from Experian.

About MAST Online

1Where does the information come from?
MAST Online draws data from two main sources. Firstly, it contains Road Crash and Casualty information for the whole nation supplied by the Department for Transport. Secondly, it contains socio-demographic insights into the communities most at risk of becoming involved in crashes using Mosaic Public Sector.
2What does MAST do with it?
The MAST Project Team use the raw data to create ‘data cubes’, a data storage technique used to process information into a convenient format for easy analysis. This is done using Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. These data cubes form the data source for users to generate reports.
3How do users get at the data?
MAST Online allows users to create their own reports, simply by specifying what information they wish to look at and how they wish to categorise it. Results are displayed instantly in both chart and number grid formats, which can be freely saved and downloaded for further use as required. The screenshots on our Samples page will provide some idea of what a MAST report looks like, and how flexible and easy it is to use.
4How do I become a user?
Any organisation with an interest in road safety can access MAST Online, simply by becoming a member of MAST. If you are interested, please contact us with details about your organisation and we can let you know more.
5How will users be supported?
Online help has been provided in the form of Wiki pages explaining the concepts behind MAST and the techniques used to make the most of it. The MAST User Forum also provides help and advice to MAST users. Training courses are also available.