The multi-award-winning MAST Online platform has been developed over a decade as a powerful tool to access the comprehensive RSA Data Warehouse to answer any question relating to collision and casualty data since 2008.


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MAST is an analysis platform for the road safety industry. Combining national road casualty data with market leading customer insight, MAST helps road safety professionals to gain a clearer understanding of their emerging road casualty problems and to start defining the most efficient channels for new interventions.

Overcoming some complex historical and geographical challenges by tackling the national STATS19 dataset, users can now compare performance with other areas, examine collision migration and crucially, start to understand resident risk; putting citizens at the heart of the analysis.

Used nationwide by government departments, local authorities, police forces and charities, MAST has become a vital tool for the profession; helping to translate data into deliverable initiatives.

MAST has won a number of awards of its own as well as providing the analytical framework and evidence base for some other highly regarded schemes.

MAST Online

All users are provided access to the standard MAST Online 'instance'.

MAST Professional

An advanced dataset is available through MAST Professional, which is provided upon request. This includes contributory factor data and as such, is subject to DfT approval for non-public sector groups.

MAST Provisional

MAST Provisional holds the mid-year DfT update data separately.

MAST Scotland

MAST Scotland is updated annual by Transport Scotland and reflects the data used by Scottish authorities in reviewing road safety performance.


Watch this short introduction by RoadSafetyAnalysis Director, Richard Owen, to learn more:

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Headliners: Profiling local data for the most at-risk road user groups

Our analytics team have produced 1,230 individual Headliners reports for GB highway authorities which focus on key road safety user groups such as motorcyclists or older drivers.

Six groups are profiled in each authority area by default with the content available to view in a web browser via the MAST Portal.

Each headliner contains information about residents, as well as collisions in the area, with a mixture of charts and maps exploring issues relating to specific groups in more detail.

Access to the background data is also provided for inclusion in local documents.

This set of outputs is refreshed annually upon release of the national DfT collision dataset

Headliners: Risk maps

In addition to the road user group Headliner maps, MAST members can also access three risk maps for all collisions in their area, as well as all resident casualties.

The maps also provide an introduction to the MAST Roads network which is built upon a series of over 100,000 functional links for the classified road network (M, A(M), A, B).

In the Headliner maps these link display collision density on local roads for all collisions.

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MAST Dashboards: Regional Overview

Access to a suite of regional road safety dashboards the allow users to quickly compare trends for collisions over time, by month, day of week and time.

Users can focus on individual user groups such as pedestrians or cyclists, and also explore the casualty home locations to see if there is a large import of casualties from other areas.

Filters are available for crash severity and also by strategic road e.g. Highways England network. Finally the age and gender profile for casualties is also displayed.



Being a MAST member means getting access to our dedicated support team, who have decades of experience of analysing in interpreting road safety and transport data.

All MAST members can contact us via email or telephone and we will endeavour to responds as quickly as possible.


   01295 731810

     Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm

In addition to one-to-one support, we also provide the following resources to enable you to get the best out of MAST:




  • Including:
  • MAST Online
  • The multi-award-winning MAST Online tool to access data on collision and casualties since 2008
  • MAST Dashboards: Regional Overviews
  • Access to a suite of regional road safety dashboards with data on multiple parameters
  • Headliners: Risk Maps
  • Three risk maps for all collisions in your area, including over 100,000 data points for the classified road network
  • Headliners: local data profiling
  • 1,230 individual reports prepared for GB highway authorities which focus on key road safety user groups
  • Support
  • From our experts with decades of experience, and our Beginners Guides, Bitesize videos and MAST Wiki
  • *Price per organisation