MAST Curriculum


We have provided training to MAST users in a traditional classroom setting for over a decade and now we are moving the learning process online through this MAST Curriculum.  We are offering a series of short instructional videos with self-paced learning and a quiz after each module to help new users get up-to-speed with MAST as quickly as possible.  This offering is on top of our existing half or full day training courses and sits alongside the MAST Bitesize videos which are less interactive.


Module A

Fast access to headline metrics and key trends

Unit 1 - Using Dashboards and Maps

Unit 2 - Using Headliners, and introducing People and Place

Module B

How to create bespoke reports about networks and road users

Unit 3 – Introducing MAST Online - Instances, Tabs and Reports

Unit 4 – Introducing Socio Demographic Profiling

Module C (in development)

Account for historic serious injury adjustments, in both headline metrics and bespoke reports

Unit 5 – Severity Adjustment dashboards

Unit 6 – MAST DataMods and Severity Adjustment

Module D (in development)

Investigates the impact of specific factors on collisions [MAST Professional users only]

Unit 7 – An introduction to contributory factor analysis in MAST Professional

Unit 8 – Road user contributory factor analysis