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December 4, 2013
New Geographical Hierarchies in MAST
January 17, 2014
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MAST Provisional and MAST Scotland

We are pleased to have started the year on a positive note with the addition of two new instances of MAST, which follow on from the creation of MAST Professional at the end of last year.

 On the [MAST introduction screen] alongside MAST Online and MAST Professional are two new buttons: MAST Provisional and MAST Scotland.

MAST Provisional and MAST Scotland

Data for the first two quarters of 2013 are now available for analysis - for the first time in a new instance of MAST. We have launched MAST Provisional in order to keep the closed and provisional data sets separate and it is colour-coded red to emphasise that the data are not complete.

As with the other instances of MAST, it is accessed using your normal MAST username and password.

MAST Provisional and MAST Scotland

MAST Scotland has been launched to include data supplied directly to us by the Scottish Government and it corresponds directly to 'Road Casualties Scotland'. It is only accessible to Scottish MAST users.

MAST in Scotland is funded by Transport Scotland and is available to all Scottish public sector organisations. [Contact us] if you work for a public sector organisation in Scotland and would like access to MAST.