MAST Provisional and MAST Scotland
January 17, 2014
Cycling Study Scoops the MAST Award
March 12, 2014
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New Geographical Hierarchies in MAST

Two new geographical hierarchies have been added to MAST Online alongside the introduction of MAST Provisional and MAST Scotland.

New Geographical Hierarchies in MAST
There is now the option to filter by Westminster Parliamentary Constituencies for England and Wales. It is a separate hierarchy under the Crash Location Small Area dimension. More details on accessing Westminster Constituencies in MAST can be found on the [Wiki].

The second new dimension is the ‘RSA Highway Authority Network Classification System’ dimension (HANCS), which takes the classification system developed for last year’s Signpost Report for inclusion in MAST. A definition of HANCS can be found [here] and how to use the MAST dimension [here]. The value of HANCS for comparative analysis will also feature at Conference.