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March 31, 2009
MAST Launch scheduled for September
May 7, 2009
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Aeriandi chosen for MAST Web Development

MAST has announced that its cutting edge data analysis engine, to be hosted right here on Road Safety Analysis, will be created by leading Oxford-based web development company [Aeriandi Ltd].

Since their inception in 2002, Aeriandi have earned an enviable track record for supplying pioneering and secure hosted applications. Their unique blend of experience, creativity and technical capability has enabled them to lead the market in provision of Customer Interaction Software, so they are perfectly placed to play this pivotal role in delivering MAST. Aeriandi CEO Matthew Bryars commented “MAST is an incredibly exciting project for the whole team. We have the opportunity to provide a unique and innovative application, while also contributing to saving lives on Britain’s roads.”

Since prevailing against stiff competition from rival firms in March, Aeriandi have plunged quickly into the development process. Equipped with findings from the progressive data analysis techniques conceived and implemented by MAST’s specialists, they aim to prepare functional web content for the Project Steering Group in April, to show ’proof of concept’ . As a result, it is hoped that the Initial Version of MAST will be available for general release to Road Safety stakeholders nationwide by the summer.