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Safer Roads Berkshire Receives Royal Recognition

Pioneering Programme Recognised by HRH Prince Michael of Kent in Annual Road Safety Awards

Today, after three years of a pioneering new approach to road safety in the county, Safer Roads Berkshire has been recognised with a prestigious royal award. The Prince Michael International Road Safety Award was presented to the local authorities in recognition of their outstanding contribution to improving road safety. The award was presented by John Plowman, former head of roads at the Department for Transport, now a director the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety

Since April 2011, Safer Roads Berkshire has been operating under a completely redesigned structure, managed by Road Safety Analysis, to protect public investment and maintain expertise working to improve safety on Berkshire’s roads. The new way of delivering road safety has reduced costs, increased output and helped to deliver a wider range of more effective road safety initiatives to support each authority.

A programme of work now exists to address issues ranging from pedestrian training and child car seat use through to cycle safety, driving for work and risks associated with ageing. All of these projects are being backed up by rigorous evidence and evaluation.

His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent approved the recommendation of the Judging Panel that the Safer Roads management service should receive an award. The judges concluded that the nomination was “a fine example of good quality road safety management”.

Dan Campsall, Communications Director for Safer Roads Berkshire praised the work that has gone into creating the innovative service.

“In contrast with many local authorities, which have degraded their commitment to road safety by cutting budgets and reducing services, the authorities in Berkshire have pioneered a new approach leading to a broader range of high quality programmes which are proving to be extremely effective at the same time as reducing expenditure."

Dan Campsall, Communications Director for Safer Roads Berkshire